Videos on Authority

Why Be Catholic and Not Just Christian?
Ascension Presents channel
Fr. Mike Schmitz, 8:58 min.
Matthew 16:17-19
Isaiah 22:20-24
Acts 15:1-29

Papal Authority and the Early Church - Fr. Ray Ryland
The Coming Home Network International channel
Fr. Ray Ryland, 40:28 min.
Note: For your ease in following some of the points that Fr. Ryland makes, I wish to clarify that Fr. Ryland is pointing out that non-Catholic, Orthodox priest, Fr. John Meyendorff was incorrect in instances.

The Jewish Roots of the Papacy - Dr. Brant Pitre - Deep in History
The Coming Home Network International channel
Dr. Brant Pitre, 55:25 min.
Matthew 16:13-19
Acts 15
Leviticus 16:12-13 (regarding his mention of the firepan or censer and incense)
Matthew 23:1-2
Isaiah 22:22-24
Quote from the three-volume work Matthew: The International Critical Commentary, by Dale C. Allison Jr. (Author), Christopher M. Tuckett (Series Editor), Graham I. Davies (Series Editor):
the major opinion of modern exegetes… has it that Peter, as a sort of supreme rabbi or prime minister of the kingdom, is in 16.19 given teaching authority, given that is the power to declare what is permitted...and what is not permitted...Peter can decide by doctrinal decision what Christians must and must not do. This is the traditional Roman Catholic understanding, with the proviso that Peter had successors.
CCC 553

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